PUMCM serves in one of the most under resourced areas in Escambia county, Florida. Within two miles of our property, there are three homeless camps, multiple abandoned houses where groups of our clients squat, and two homeless shelters. More than 70% of our neighbors in this census tract live well below the property level. Many of the residents are gravely in need of basic essentials and living in housing where they pay more than 30% (often more than 50%) of their income for housing. Various sources of income for our clients include retirement, Social Security, Disability, child support and Florida Family and Children Services allotments. Many of our clients are eligible for and receive food stamps. An on-site volunteer assists applicants in qualifying and filling out documentation for these benefits.


For eight years, PUMCM has been working with Escambia county’s most vulnerable residents: homeless individuals and families, children living in poverty, U.S. veterans, mentally ill, former inmates, substance abusers and others in need. The main purpose of our ministry is to promote the dignity and welfare of the under resourced in our community by addressing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.