Are the PUMCM facilities wheelchair accessible?
All facilities except the clothing ministry area are wheelchair accessible. A volunteer will gladly assist persons in wheelchairs in obtaining needing clothing items.

What documentation is needed for persons desiring services at PUMCM?
No documents are needed for persons to receive services at PUMCM.

Does PUMCM assist persons with rent or utility bills?
We are sorry that we do not have funds to assist with rent or utility bills.

Must persons be homeless or residents of the Brownsville community to receive services at PUMCM?
Any person in need of the services of PUMCM may receive services.

May food prepared at PUMCM be taken to eat off the premises?
Meals prepared at PUMCM, including second helping when available, must be consumed in the Fellowship Hall. We do not have enough food to provide meals to persons and permit “take outs.”

Must persons requesting services at PUMCM attend church at Richards Memorial United Methodist Church?
While are persons are invited to attend all services at RMUMC, it is not a requirement in order to receive services from PUMCM. The only exception is that only those attending the Sunday 4 pm worship service are permitted to have dinner at PUMCM after the service.

What is the nearest ECAT bus stop to PUMCM?
The ECAT bus stop nearest to PUMCM is at Cervantes Street and U Street, approximately two blocks from PUMCM.